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Gene Foland found this on a .gov website.

Website design enhancement remains for Site design improvement, and USAGov applies Web optimization practices to enhance (streamline) online substance to rank/perform well on various web search tools:

1. Put essential watchwords in the:

URL, (for example,

First expressions of the page <title>

Meta depiction (outline), which is coherent, plain dialect, and moves clickthroughs from Bing, Google, Hurray, and so forth.

Page title, labeled as an <H1>

Body (somewhere around at least two times)

Connection titles or things that are engaging of what you are putting forth the client, yet not the verbs (for instance, download international ID frames; not download identification shapes)

2. Whenever proper, utilize auxiliary watchwords in the fields recorded above, in addition to in the benefits heading, which is labeled as <H2> and optional headings, which are labeled as <H3> and <H4>. Illustrations:

Trick, plan, and cheat are auxiliary watchwords for misrepresentation.

Gene Foland says

3. Keep key page components short:

Titles: less than 75 characters with spaces.

URLs: less than 90 characters with hyphens.

Meta depiction/rundown: less than 160 characters with spaces.

4. Connection to legitimate locales, and maintain a strategic distance from broken connections.

For extra data, go to Web search tool Land’s Manual for Web optimization.

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